Hey! Nijil David here.

Someone who loves coming up with solutions. The best ones comes up through multiple iterations and I'm enjoying all of it. I like tea, conversations, cooking and writing.

Talking about my work life, I'm currently in the intelligence sector as a Product designer and like always, love working in different sectors. It helps me understand different business, ways of working and various outlooks.

I was working before for dubizzle, a classifieds website. It's unofficially known as the craiglist of middle east. A very interesting journey indeed.

Before dubizzle, I was with Emaar, the property developer in Dubai. They are the ones who build the Burj Khalifa and I was part of their digital presence. :)

We have a lot more to talk about. Hope to meet you soon.

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Super sorry for not finishing this. It's taking a lot of time as I've to write about them too. For now let's go with some Dribbble shots.

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